1st Day of Tashreeq

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The main task in this day is the stoning of the three Jamarat. It is Sunnah to start first by al-Jamara al-Soughra (Smallest), then al-Jamara al-Wusta (Middle) and thirdly al-jamara al-Kubra (Biggest, jamrat al-Aqaba). He throws each one with seven pebbles (one a the time) saying at each throw of one pebble: بسم الله والله أكبر  “(in the name of Allah), (Allah is the Greatest)”.

After finishing stoning the first jamara (al-Soughra) with 7 pebbles, the Pilgrim should step aside from the crowd (if possible), faces the Kibla and makes a long du’ua.

Then he goes to stone the second jamara, in exactly the same way as he did in the first jamara, including the du’ua at the end of the stoning. The third jamara is also stoned in the same way as in the first two BUT the pilgrim does not do a du’ua. He just leaves without pushing or hurting other Muslim brothers and sisters.

The time of Ramy (Throwing) is from noon time (al-Zawal) till the sunrise of the next day but in the Sunnah (prophetic tradition) it is between noon and sunset. In this day, the pilgrim should try to keep praying In Jamaa (Congregation). If possible the pilgrim should try to pray in Masjid Al-Khayf as did the Prophet during Hajj. The Pilgrim should also keep doing Takbeer (After each Salat or at anytime). The

Prophet said “The Days of Tashreeq are Days of Eating, Drinking, and Remembrance of Allah”

Note: the pilgrim must spend the night in Mina, Unless you have a valid excuse, ask your Imam

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